Oct 31, 2020, 7:23 am
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Everything is for the better

If dictators allow it

Generally, I’ve always believed that all the things that have happened to me will lead me to better places. My incarceration must have been a divine wisdom. It’s true, I had losses as well. My uncle passed away while I was in custody. I couldn’t even say goodbye. My hair that I had been taking special care of since last September… The frustration and worry my mother, friends, loved ones, and supporters went through…

However, despite all this, I have come to the conclusion that I was supposed to be there. At least the citizen that had been beaten and forcefully given 5 tasks needed my help. I could have been framed for sixteen undiscovered theft incidences performed by a drug addict.
I witnessed that 80% of those imprisoned are there because they couldn’t afford child support. Why? because of unemployment. Maybe the number of people like this was low last year. None of those people have a close relationship with politics. But the anti-national policy that has been carried out has caused these people to agree to live without the opportunity to breathe freely.
On one hand, there are government officials that claim that 1 million and 600 hundred thousand new jobs have been created; and on the other hand, a man resorts to theft (although he could not successfully execute the crime) because he is not able to see his son for 4 years. We are talking about a highly educated father who speaks Russian and English fluently. Or, the government that sells drugs to drug traffickers and allows them into the country… (Usually, in normal countries such people are sent to rehabilitation on the account of the government.)
On one hand, there’s a ruling family bribed $ 2.9 billion to extend his powers because of his personal interests, and on the other hand, a father who can not afford to pay 125 manats for alimony…
On the one hand, a group of people fighting for human rights and a dignified life, on the other hand, a dictator who restricts them, and on the other hand, the EU and free media, who turn a blind eye to the dictator.

Ruslan Qara


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