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Anar Alizade appropriated the hotel owned by Mubariz Mansimov and appointed his brother as manager. We present to your attention a robbery similar to a fairy tale by facts.
The question is this:
Who is the new owner of the Istanbul “Edition” Hotel, previously owned by Mubariz Mansimov? 
Following the arrest of the president of Palmali Group of Companies Mubariz Mansimov his investments in the Turkish economy are being in the spotlight. One of the largest investments by Mubariz Mansimov was the Istanbul Edition Hotel, located at Buyukdere Street, considered the business center of Istanbul (Istanbul’s Wallstreet).
Before 2000 the building of the Istanbul “Edition” Hotel was the head office of Demirbank and in years of 2000-2003 it was used as a head-office of HSBC Bank’s Turkey branch. On 20 november 2003, as a result of the terrorist act committed by the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization in front of the building, a huge fire occurred in the building, the building became unusable.

After the bankruptcy of Demirbank, the building, which was the property of the Turkish Social Insurance Fund (FSST), was put up for sale. In 2007 Mubariz Mansimov bought the building from the FSST in the auction by making the highest offer in the amount of 93 million liras ($ 80 million).

In order to transform the building which was in unsuitable condition at that time, Mubariz Mansimov reached an agreement with the Marriott International Group of Companies. Following the repair and construction work which lasted 3 years, in 2011 the 5-star Istanbul Edition Hotel (Baku Plaza) was made available for use. The hotel being the local host of such luxury brands as ESPA, Cipriani and Billionaire, has become one of the most expensive places in Istanbul. Royal Circle Penthouse with sea view and a daily cost of 7500 euros was also leased – out by the hotel.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Mr. Ertugrul Gunay, Istanbul Mayor Mr. Huseyn Avni Mutlu, Minister of Industry and Energy of Azerbaijan Mr. Natik Aliyev, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia Mr. Polad Bul-Bul oglu, Azerbaijan’s General Consul to Istanbul Mr. Hasan Zeynalov, businessman Mr. Iskender Khalilov and other famous people took part on the opening ceremony of the hotel that cost 150 million dollars to Mubariz Mansimov. At the opening, Mr. Polad Bul-Bul oglu performed a duet with the Honored Artist of Russia Nikolai Baskov.

The flags of Azerbaijan and Turkey began to wave in front of the hotel.

In 2015 it was whispered that Mubariz Mansimov sold the Istanbul “Edition” hotel. However the name of the new owner of the Istanbul “Edition” hotel has become a big mystery. According to Fortune Turkey news published in the “Para” magazine, Istanbul “Edition” Hotel was sold to Lukoil President Mr.Vahid Alekperov.

However after Mubariz Mansimov denied rumors about the sale of the hotel to Vahid Alekperov. In the explanation distributed by Mubariz Mansimov through his lawyers, the following was noted:
“There was not carried out any meeting between Mubariz Gurbanoglu and Vahid Alekperov related to the sale of the aforementioned hotel (Istanbul “Edition” Hotel), and the mentioned marina (yacht port “Palmarina”). At the same time, no proposals were received from Vahid Alekperov regarding the purchase of hotels and port from Mubariz Mansimov.

SOCAR was also mentioned in Turkish media among the new owners of Istanbul “Edition” Hotel. However, there did not appear any new information about the new owners of the hotel in press later. In 2017, the Istanbul “Edition” Hotel was renamed the Hyatt Centric Hotel.

In the course of our investigations it turned out, that the owner of the Hyatt Centric Hotel was Levist Emlak Geliştirme Otelcilik ve Turizm Anonim Company. In the registry data of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the address of the company and the Hyatt Centric Hotel is the same: Levent Mahallesi, Büyükdere Caddesi No.136 / 1 Beşiktaş, İstanbul. At the same time, the vacancies for Hyatt Centric Hotel on the job search portal were posted on behalf of Levist Emlak Geliştirme Otelcilik ve Turizm Anonim Company.

It becomes apparent from Turkish trade registry data, that Levist Emlak Geliştirme Otelcilik ve Turizm Anonim Company’s former name was Palmali Emlak Geliştirme Otelcilik ve Turizm Anonim Company and the shares were owned by Mubariz Mansimov. According to information published in the trade registry of Turkey dated February 22, 2016, on February 16, 2016 all shares of Palmali Emlak Geliştirme Otelcilik ve Turizm Anonim were transferred to RSR Holding registered in Singapore. Currently, the company’s supervisory board consists of the following members: Nihad Aliyev, Ali Polad, Korai Atalyk and Moreno Acchiolini. The authorized capital of the company estimates 323 million liras. It should be noted that, the founder and CEO of RSR Holding is Anar Alizadeh, the cousin of the president of SOCAR Rovnag Abdullayev (red. former surname “Aliyev”). Member of the Supervisory Board of Levist Emlak Geliştirme Otelcilik ve Turizm Anonim Company Nihad Aliyev is Anar Alizade’s brother.
Recall that the report of the Global Witness organization entitled “Anonymous Azerbaijan” published in 2013 states that Anar Nusrat oglu Aliyev has a stake in “at least 48 highly profitable transactions” with SOCAR.

Our investigations concerning Anar Alizade and Rovnag Abdullayev will continue. In the following news we will inform you about the secrets of RSR Holding.



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