The questions are:
How much did Anar Alizade give to Ali Kemal Celikten for betrayal to Mubariz Mansimov?

Who is Ilham Gadimzada, the millionaire who was kidnapped by Haji Mammadov?

In the previous article, we presented official information proving SOCAR’s strategic partnership with “Palmali” Group of Companies. All this was undeniable evidence and contrary to the claims of the SOCAR management, Mubariz Mansimov and SOCAR had a partnership. In 2016, the formalization of oil revenues in the names of the relatives of SOCAR president Rovnag Abdullayev caused Mubariz Mansimov’s justified protest and he ended the partnership. After that, Rovnag Abdullayev and Anar Alizade tampered 4 employees of Mansimov’s companies and began to seize the yacht port and hotels belonging to “Palmali” Group of Companies at the expense of falsifying several documents. In this article, we present to you with official documents how this process was carried out and how much Mubariz Mansimov’s former employee, Ali  Kemal Celikten earned due to the betrayal to his boss.
Those who testified against Mansimov
The person who testified against Mubariz Mansimov is CEO in Anar Alizada’s companies.

Mubariz Mansimov mentioned the name of that person in a letter sent from prison and wrote the
“SOCAR president and his relative, Anar Alizade bribed my 4 former fraudulent employees – Alaattin Aykac, Ali Kemal Celikten, Mehmet Erchil, and Fatih Berber and made them say false and slanderous statements about me.”

Ali Kemal Çelikten

In this article, we share with readers the defamatory statements made by Ali Kemal Celikten, the former head of the risk management department at “Palmali” Group of Companies, against Mubariz Mansimov and the information hidden from the public about “opportunities” created for him by Rovnag Abdullayev and his cousin, Anar Alizade in exchange for his “services” in the seizure of “Palmarina” yacht port and in its testimony against his former boss.
How was “Palmarina” seized by Anar Alizade? In our previous article, we reported that in a letter from prison Mubariz Mansimov accused Ali Kemal Celikten of colluding with Anar Alizada in the seizure of “Palmarina”, along with 3 other managers in “Palmali” Group of Companies and therefore, they were judged in court.

Ali Kemal Celikten dismissed from “Palmali” Group of Companies for fraudulent acts later founded Investhouse Management Co. Limited named after his wife Natalia Celikten on december 29, 2016 in Malta at the same address with SOCAR-owned companies.

İlham Qədimzadə

The head office of Palmarina Holding (new name: Yalikavak Holding), a sole shareholder in “Palmarina” (new name: “Bodrum Yalıkavak”) yacht port owned by Anar Alizade is located at the same address with SOCAR Oil & Gas International Holding and Supra Holding (new name: SOCAR Trading Holding), in which Anar Alizade was one of shareholders. Additionally, Ali Kemal Celikten is the President of Arrow Star Group of Companies controlled by Anar Alizade. Arrow Star Holding was established on september 1, 2017, in Malta in the name of Anar Alizade’s employee, Azerbaijani citizen Ilham Gadimzada. The head office of Arrow Star Group of Companies is located at the same address as the head office of SOCAR companies (171 Old Bakery Street, Valetta VLT 1455 Malta) and Palmarina Holding in Malta. It provides oil and oil products transportation services.

Arrow Star Group of Companies includes the following companies:
Arrow Star Holding Limited
Arrow Star Shipping 1 Company Limited
Arrow Star Shipping 2 Company Limited
Arrow Star Trading Co. Limited
Arrow Star Shipping 3 Co. Limited

On april 3, 2018 Arrowstar Trading Petrol and Shipping company was established in Turkey by Arrow Star Trading Co. Limited. Ali Kemal Celikten is also the chairman and general director of the company’s supervisory board. Ilham Gadimzada kidnapped by Haji Mammadov Recall that Ilham Gadimzada’s father Vagif Gadimov had a high position in SOCAR. In 1997, after Ilham Gadimzada was kidnapped by the gang of Haji Mammadov a former chief operating officer of Interior Ministry’s Main Criminal Investigation Department, his father saved his son by giving 180 thousand dollars. Note that Ilham Gadimzada’s father Vagif Gadimov was killed in 2002 in his apartment for greed. Organized gang members took a banknote of 414 500 dollars and gold jewelry worth 100 000 dollars from the apartment belonging to Vagif Gadimov and left that place. 

Immediately after the coup d’etat in Turkey in 2016 Ilham Gadimzada’s name was also mentioned in a scandal related to the ships secretly purchased from BMZ Group Shipping and Construction Industry Company belonging to the family of Turkish President.

In September 2016, 5 companies (“Milagress”, “Caminero” , “Prover”, “Blue Lake Star” və “Planeo”) named after Ilham Gadimzada were established in Malta at the same address (171 Old Bakery Street, Valetta VLT 1455 Malta) as SOCAR companies. 5 ships were registered in the name of these companies.

Note that, these ships were constructed by Mubariz Mansimov with a loan of 90 million dollars from Albaraka Turkish Bank. But when the ships were put into operation for unknown reasons, they came under the control of BMZ Group Shipping and Construction Industry Company.

BMZ Group Shipping and Construction Industry Company had previously purchased two ships named “Agdash” and “Shovkat Alakbarova” from Palmali Group of Companies.–455099

After the shipping business of Erdogan family came up in the Turkish press the registration of ships was changed to the name of Oil Transportation and Shipping Services Co. Limited incorporated in Malta.

Note that in addition to BMZ Group Shipping and Construction Industry Company Erdogan’s family controls two other shipping companies – MB Shipping Real Estate Construction Industry & Trade Inc. and Tuzla Tanker Management Inc.

After the purchase of 5 ships leased to Palmali Group of Companies for 10 years from BMZ Group Shipping and Construction Industry Company named after the employee of Anar Alizade Ilham Gadimzada the names of ships were changed as follows.


According to Malta’s business registry information, 4 months after the establishment of these companies, they were sold to SOCAR Logistics DMCC company. The lease agreement with Palmali company was also terminated. Then these ships were leased to Fraxtmortrans, a company established jointly in Russia by SOCAR Logistics operating manager Namig Gadirov and BP’s former representative in the Caspian region of Azerbaijan Asim Movsumzada. Currently, Fraxtmortrans company serves for Oilmar Shipping and Chartering DMCC owned by Anar Alizade with the same ships.

Oilmar Shipping & Chartering DMCC company was founded in 2015 in Dubai.

In a report published by Trend News Agency of Azerbaijan on May 14, 2018, noted that since 2017 Oilmar Shipping and Chartering DMCC had been providing oil and oil products transportation services to SOCAR in the Black Sea.

In a letter sent from prison, Mubariz Mansimov wrote, “I have repeatedly warned Ali Kemal Celikten and Mehmet Ercil about their relations with FETO.” This study shows that underthe patronage of Anar Alizade, Ali Kemal Celikten, former Palmali manager became a millionaire businessman for his fraud and slander against Mubariz Mansimov.


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