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How did Anar Alizade seize Mubariz Mansimov’s hundreds of millions of property together with Palmali’s managers?

Today, as the government acknowledges in Azerbaijan there are 600,000 officially unemployed. There are 1 million 250 thousand retirees receiving pensions below the minimum wage of 250 AZN (147 USD). By adding more than 200,000 disabled people who are unable to work and need 130 AZN a month, it turns out that at least 2 million of the country’s population is in poverty. However, a group of people seizes and plunders the country’s wealth. They are engaged in plunder by establishing a very complex business scheme in offshore areas. This is such a plunder system that it takes years to reveal and to find the final address of the money transferred from the country.

Anar Alizada has confiscated the mega-yacht port and hotels belonging to Mubariz Mansimov. has revealed another robbery of Anar Alizade against Mubariz Mansimov the president of Palmali Group of Companies. The further target of Anar Alizade’s plan to confiscate Mubariz Mansimov’s property was “Palmarina” (new name: Bodrum Yalikavak) mega-yacht port and luxury hotels located in the port.

“Palmarina” yacht port seized by Anar Alizada

Anar Alizade became a partner of Mubariz Mansimov on the Bodrum Yalikavak yacht port purchased by Mubariz Mansimov in 2011 from Jefi Kamhi, the owner of Profilo Holding, for $ 42 million. According to the Turkish business registry information, RSR Holding, founded by Anar Alizade in Singapore in 2007, acquired 50% of the shares of Palmali Hotel Tourism & Agency Limited company in March 2012. The document was signed by Agshin Salimov, currently the sales and marketing director of SOCAR’s “Petkim” company, representing RSR Holding. By making additional investments in the port, its yacht capacity was doubled. “Palmarina” yacht port became the largest yacht port in Turkey after the reconstruction. It was put into operation in June 2013. Note that, the shares of Bodrum Yalikavak Tourism and Yacht Port Investments and Trade Inc., which manages “Palmarina”, were controlled by Palmali Hotel Management Investment and Tourism Limited company (new name: BYK Hotel Management Investment and Tourism Limited)

The shares of Palmali Hotel Management Investment and Tourism Limited company were controlled by Palmali Hotel Tourism & Agency Limited company. After RSR Holding became a partner of Palmali Hotel Tourism and Agency Limited company in 2012, there was a 50/50 partnership between RSR Holding and Palmali Shipping Services & Agency Inc. in Palmali Hotel Tourism and Agency Limited company.

In May 2014, at the insistence of Anar Alizada, Tolga Aghar, the son of the former Minister of Internal Affairs and Justice of Turkey was appointed to the management of “Palmarina”. Although there were rumors in the media about the sale of “Palmarina” to SOCAR in 2015, Palmali Holding reported that this was the fake news.

At the same time Mubariz Mansimov reported the press that “Palmarina” would not be sold.’yi-ve-otellerini-satacak-mi-h26646.html

In january-february 2016 Anar Alizada collaborated with Tolga Agar, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bodrum Yalikavak Tourism and Yacht Port Investments and Trade Company to which “Palmarina” is affiliated, and 4 employees working in management positions in “Palmali” Group of Companies and having signature authority – Alaattin Aykac, Mehmet Ercil, Fatih Berber and Ali Kemal Celikten seized the shares of Mubariz Mansimov. Thus, on January 14, 2016 Palmarina Holding Limited (new name: Yalikavak Holding Limited) company was established by Aspect Consultancies FZE, the fully-owned subsidiary of RSR Holding, in Malta at the address (171, Old Bakery Street, Valletta, VLT1455, Malta) where SOCAR group companies are registered. On February 15, 2016, the shares of Palmali Hotel Management Investment and Tourism Limited company were transferred to Palmarina Holding Limited, taking from Palmali Hotel Tourism and Agency Limited, without the knowledge of Mubariz Mansimov.

Thus, in 2016, Anar Alizada took full control of “Palmarina” yacht port and hotels in the port. When Mubariz Mansimov found out about the fraud of his employees, dismissed them  immediately and filed a lawsuit in court about them. The lawsuit against these employees for organized fraud actions is still ongoing. Mubariz Mansimov also appealed to the Trade Court and filed a lawsuit against the fraud in the sale of his shares, as well as the new owners of yacht port and hotels, Palmarina Holding Limited and its founder, RSR Holding, demanded the cancellation of the sale by court order. Although the port was sold on the paper, Mubariz Mansimov was not paid for the sale. Along with the yacht port, Palmalife Marina Hotel and Palmarina Boutique Hotel Bodrum located in the port were also seized.

According to the information in the Turkish Trade Registry newspaper dated February 22, 2016, all shares of Palmarina Holding Limited company belong to RSR Holding, established in Singapore.×1024.jpeg

In the financial report published by Palmarina Holding Limited company in 2017, it was noted that BYK Hotel Management Investment & Tourism Limited Inc. and Levist Real Estate Development & Tourism Inc. (former name: Palmali Real Estate Development & Tourism Inc.) operate under Palmarina Holding. But Istanbul “Edition” Hotel (new name: Hyatt Centric Hotel) confiscated from Mubariz Mansimov, operates under Levist Real Estate Development & Tourism Inc. (detailed information about this was provided in a previous article).

According to the data of Singapore Business Registry and “Global Witness” Report (page 16), the founder and CEO of RSR Holding is Anar Alizada.

In a letter sent from prison, Mubariz Mansimov wrote about the fact of fraud:
“These 4 people (Alaattin Aykac, Mehmet Ercil, Fatih Berber, Ali Kemal Celikten) joined forces with the opposite party (Anar Alizade) sold the yacht port at a very low price by fraud. Therefore, they are judged in court together with their supporters.”

In an interview with the press in 2017 about the illegal sale of the port Mubariz Mansimov expressed confidence that he would take back the port legally.

Note that, Tolga Aghar, the director general of the yacht port, was elected MP from Erdogan’s party in 2018. In 2018, Mehmet Aghar, Tolga Aghar’s father, was appointed chairman of the supervisory board at the mega-yacht port confiscated by Anar Alizade from Mubariz Mansimov.

Currently, the port’s supervisory board is composed of Memet Kemal Aghar, Zulfu Tolga Aghar, Koray Atalik, Ali Polat, Moreno Occohiolini, Vagif Karimli, Ilgar Valiyev.

In a letter sent from prison Mubariz Mansimov mentioned Mehmet Aghar as one of the people accused in the organization of the slander action. “In their lies and slanders, they financed Mehmet Aghar (former Turkish Interior and Justice Minister Mehmet Aghar is intended), one of the former ministers, by SOCAR and another establishment (RSR Holding is intended) and acted together, as well as bribed the prosecutors and judges.”

Mehmet Agar is known in Turkey as a patron of mafia groups. Mehmet Aghar created a mafia group during his tenure at the General Police Department in the 1990s, so he is alleged to have taken a large number of bribes from dozens of Kurdish businessmen on charges of “having a name on PKK list”. It was proved that the mafia group created by Mehmet Aghar involved in hundreds of crimes in Turkey.

Additionally, there are numerous reports in the Turkish press that the Agar family controls the drug trade in Turkey. It is not ruled out that “Palmarina” yacht port currently used for this purpose.–597994-gundem/

Mehmet Aghar was sentenced to five years in prison in 2012 on charges of establishing state-mafia relations during his tenure. However, he was released a year later due to his close ties with the Turkish government.

Recall that, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu who launched FETO investigation against Mubariz Mansimov is known as Mehmet Agar’s staff. In 2008 Mehmet Aghar resigned from the Democrat Party which he led, and facilitated the election of Suleyman Soylu as party chairman.

According to the writings of Turkish journalist Can Atakli, currently, the Turkish Interior Ministry is entrusted to Mehmet Aghar, and Süleyman Soylu works together with Mehmet Aghar.

Recently, AKP government has been employing Mehmet Aghar against Erdogan’s potential rivals. Last year Mehmet Aghar threatened former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and former Foreign Minister Ali Babajan who formed new parties.

As a result of this research, it is clear that SOCAR president Rovnag Abdullayev and his cousin Anar Alizada merged with Mehmet Aghar one of the strongest figures of the deep state in Turkey and seized Mubariz Mansimov’s property, then Mubariz Mansimov was arrested with baseless allegations by former Palmali employees and with the consent of Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu. In the next article, we will write about existing business relations of 4 former Palmali’s managers who committed fraud against Mubariz Mansimov and made defamatory statements to the investigatory body and then were awarded by SOCAR and Anar Alizadeh for “services” in the seizure of port and hotels belonging to Mubariz Mansimov and in his arrest.




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